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Cybersecurity platform 

Protect your organization with just one integrated platform, no matter where the attack may occur.

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How to focus on what matters most?

Take advantage of our cybersecurity operations platform capabilities such as attack surface analysis, automation, and integration. This way, you will be able to:


Protect your assets

Protect against unauthorized network intrusions, asset theft, or data destruction.

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Detect and Response

Prevent attackers from staying on the network to obtain more information.


24/7 Operations

Handle threats with threat detection, investigation, and response tools.



Intrusion is a matter of timing, not luck

The security landscape changes frequently, and our solutions evolve to protect you.



Next Generation Firewall - NGFW

Your company security starts with the firewall. That's why we combined forces with Palo Alto Networks to protect your organization with new ML - Powered NGFW capabilities such as IoT identification and online threat prevention.



Extended Detection and Response - XDR

To increase the efficiency of your SOC, you must have visibility across the entire attack surface: Endpoint, Network and Cloud to reduce investigation times and generate a coordinated response. To achieve this, we use Palo Alto Networks' Cortex XDR technology.



Orchestration Automation and Response - SOAR

Achieving alignment of people, processes, and technologies is a major challenge. That's why we leverage the capabilities of CORTEX XSOAR to enable collaboration between SOC analysts, increase the speed of the investigation and execute incident response playbooks.

email security


Email Security

Avoid costs and reputational damage to your company through a layered security approach that reduces the risk of impersonation or identity theft. Minimize the risk of email fraud and block attacks that use fake domains and similars.

Endpoint Protection - EDR


Endpoint Protection - EDR

Ransomware uses targeted techniques to infect devices. To stop them, it is necessary to block every move of the attacker and be able to restore the compromised devices. Together with Palo Alto Networks, we can help you protect your endpoints.

How to implement a platform that meets all your SOC requirements?


agenda Schedule a meeting with a cybersecurity operations specialist and identify the digital surfaces and associated risks of your business.
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We create a plan to optimize your operations platform with technology (NGFW, XDR, SOAR), processes, specialized people and services.

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We have your back 24/7 as part of your team to implement, customize and operate your organization's security platform.


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We work with leaders in the cybersecurity industry

Palo Alto

Discover how to automate and optimize your security operations by accessing resources such as:

  • Test lab to explore tools in a secure environment.
  • Threat hunting and research virtual workshop.
  • Customized demonstrations for your team.

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