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Security Problems in the cloud?

You need to implement security policies and get the most out of all the capabilities of the Cloud, but:



Complexity of multi-cloud environments, little information and knowledge slows down cloud projects


Zero visibility

Shadow IT and the adoption of services have made it more complex to identify and protect your attack surface.



Traditional cloud security tools are not able to keep up with the speed required by DevOps



Making it happen is our specialty

Learn about our security services for public and private cloud environments.

Cloud Security Posture Management


Cloud Security Posture Management

In order to have a proper Cloud security posture it is essential to have granular visibility of all your resources and be able to detect, prevent and remediate threats quickly. To achieve this you can rely on our team of specialists in Prisma Cloud, AWS, Azure and GCP.



Secure Access Service Edge - SASE

Due to the current distribution of users, cybersecurity leaders must ensure secure access to their platforms no matter where their devices or applications are located. To achieve this, your team can rely on NETDATA and Prisma Access.

Cloud Network Security


Cloud Network Security


Security must go from the perimeter to the cloud in an automatically manner, so we provide a team specialized in not only implementation and management of Virtual Firewalls; but also Container Firewalls from Palo Alto Networks.

Cloud Workload Protection


Cloud Workload Protection


To protect Cloud Native applications security must be addressed before deployment. Our specialists work alongside your DevOps team to secure VMs, hosts, containers, Kubernetes and serverless architectures automatically.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management


Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

DevSecOps teams must be able to manage a large number of constantly changing identities.  We support you in the implementation of CyberArk, Prisma and AWS tools that automatically detect permissions and remove unauthorized access to cloud resources.



SaaS Applications Security -CASB & DLP

he rapid adoption of SaaS solutions has created a challenge for cybersecurity teams in charge of minimizing the risk and leakage of sensitive data. You can rely on our Prisma SaaS specialists to granularly authorize the use of these applications in your organization.

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